December 5, 2017

5 Virtues to Live a Healthy life + Blue Stripes Bow Top

Hey guys

I'm so psyched to share this post with you. I've been meaning to write something wonderful and it just occurred to me, the best thing to do for someone is to inspire them. So, here I am. Will try to inspire you :)

Also, this blue striped bow top came in the other day. Hands down, the best cotton top I've ever worn. I cannot possibly tell you, the number of head turns I got after I worn it to the mall. Not exaggerating even a bit here.

The bell sleeves of this top are just like McDreamy (watching a lot of Grey's Anatomy lately). You must be wondering how I can wear it underneath a jacket (since it's cold here in Delhi). I just try to hold the sleeves straight, till I get the jacket on. You might want to wear a slip under it since it's a little translucent.

You don't need to make a bow out of it, you just need to tie the two ends together and the bow kind of creates on its own.

Inserting the thread/cotton bow through the hole in the top, was tricky. There is just one hole in the center and one thread. I just didn't get how on earth I could create a bow with one hole. Then it just hit me; I don't! You don't need to make a bow out of it, you just need to tie the two ends together and the bow kind of creates on its own. Isn't that deep (thoughts) and great?

About the bag- Ever since I lost this brown leather bag to water, I've been in search for a pretty simple yet elegant one. It has literally been over an year and I haven't found (till now), an inexpensive brown leather bag, that meets my criterion. I clicked on the bags section of Zaful's website and there it was- brown, shiny, with its little babies - card holder, wallet, and a sling. Wished for one patiently and found a whole new world of opportunities (I'm high).

The shoulder bag has a zipper at the top so that's a relief. I just don't like bags that have a snap fastener instead of a zipper. We have things to keep- kajal, lip balm, keys, wallets, phone, HAIR CLIPS, etc. We don't want to lose any more hair clips!

I'm ever so grateful to Zaful, for having such an amazing collection and discounts all the time.

Without further ado, here are the 5 best virtues according to me, to live a healthy life:

1) Kindness: Cannot say this enough. No one can. If you end up helping someone or not, being kind will only make you feel lighter. Try it just once a day on a full stomach. Show me the reports after 10 days.

2) Patience: I lack this big time but the few times that I've been patient before I make a big decision, I've thanked the time and myself for it. Good things take time and that's why I have this tattoo after it.

3) Perseverance: I lack in this area too. The first time, I actually heard someone say this word was (heard a lot of times before but didn't pay attention until now) when Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl was giving a toast at his father's wedding. Remember, anyone? When you have an urge to give up or you are afraid, it means you are dealing with something important. Otherwise you be having a bad feeling instead.

4) Love: I have come to realize that my sole purpose in life is to love things and people. I love each day, I look forward to things I make-up so that I am happy about that particular day, I even love someone to (x times + 1) because I am a hopeless person who doesn't leave hoping for more love. But, it has always made me happy. Living each day, loving each day, loving to take care of myself and people I love; has always made me happy. So it is one of the most important virtues to be doing while you live.

5) Honesty: If you are not honest with yourself first, why are even reading this point? Please skip to the pictures below if you hesitate at this point. Live for your integrity, respect, and principles, before anything else. Be true to yourself.


Top: Zaful here, Handbag: Zaful here, Pants: Forever21, Boots: Rosewholesale, Watch: Aliexpress

Do you agree with my 5 virtues for a healthy life? No? Comment below 

Hopefully my next post would be that post which I was talking about on one of my Instagram posts.

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November 19, 2017

5 Smarter ways to dress faster in the morning: Fall 2017

Hello people!

This is my first fall post of 2017. So excited to share this post with you.

I was on the lookout for a new location for my blog pictures. So fed-up of greenery in my posts. Nine out of my ten blog posts are usually in a green backdrop- park, garden, trees, etc. This time, I literally went outside for a change, only to be disappointed with more greenery (so ironic!). But, I guess this greenery is different from the rest of my posts right? Let me know in the comments below if you seriously would like to see me in some other backdrop for a change! Also, let me know if you don't mind the greenery :)


I had a hard time picking this outfit. I honestly am that girl who can confidently say, 'I have enough clothes'. I actually don't need more clothes. Let me re-phrase the statement. I actually don't want to spend anymore on clothes (bloggers say Aye!). I spend like how; on kiehl's products and any healthy food. Like crazy! So clearly I am not any better off than you guys. 

So, anyway, I had a hard time pairing this Rosegal bag with anything I owned and not shown enough of here. Instagram, pinterest, and tumblr were not of much help either. In moments like these, I do these things to put myself out of misery.

So if you want to know how to decide what to wear if you feel like you don't have anything to wear, read along.

5 ways to decide an outfit, in the morning:

1) Pick a reference color- Easy for me, I had this pink bag as my reference color. To make it easy for you, wear the first color that comes to your mind which you haven't worn for 3 days. As silly as it sounds, if you're staring at your cupboard for 10 minutes, it's better to be silly. It can be a color of a bag, shoes, or a dress. If nothing works, black. Feel black, wear black, drink black?

2) Pick your first garment- Next, I pick my first garment. This step always depends upon the state of my mind, the weather, status of legs/arms and the time of the month! That's right, people. If it's super hot outside, I'll never pick a pair of jeggings or other polyester materials that would make me uncomfortable. So, it's always the pants first. If I have to decide a dress then this 'first garment' changes to 'mood'. Lace: work with lace. Don't have one? Get a lace top or a dress and then lace it. It never gets you wrong. Check out these gorgeous women dresses for a quick lace pick.

3) Pattern- If you are feeling it then let your print decide your outfit for you. I personally love stripes but you can pick any print you have. Florals are a magical contrast this time of year. I see plaid making a come-back. Just make sure to play neutral or one color, rest of the outfit.

4) The third one- If you're a jeans and t-shirt kind of a person and almost always has a problem deciding to look different with this outfit then, do this- pick a happy color for the third color. You must always wear three colors in your entire outfit (including accessories), unless you are in New York's Times Square then wear whatever the heck you may want. White tshirt with blue denims? Throw red accessories with it. My favorite red family color is burgundy though!

5) Odd pair- If nothing works, I pair odd colors or garments together. Like in these pictures, who knew peach could work well with meadow green? Just visualize an outfit in your mind and if it seems fine, you can definitely lift it with accessories. 

Clearly not green!

Struggling to hold these cute bags





Bag: Rosegal, Pants: Rosegal, Blouse: HM, Cardigan: Zara,
Flats: New Chic, Ring & Earrings: Thrifted

I hope you liked the 5 tips to dress faster in the morning. Even better would be deciding it in the night but who does that? :D

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November 6, 2017

Blue Stripes Dress: Zaful

Hello people

I'm back with a sunny post for you guys. Right before taking these pictures, my mom brought this pretty sunflower home. I was like, let's use it as a prop and brighten up my pictures :)

I had many apprehensions before wearing this dress. My parents told me, it looks like a teen's dress while my brother said, I look like the kid in the dress! I was so in love with the dress that I decided to wear it anyway. This blue stripes cotton dress from Zaful was so pretty and I requested them to send it as early as possible. When it arrived, first of all, it was exactly as it was in the pictures. Second of all, the cute cotton belt was really giving me ideas right and left on ways to tie it.

 Agreed, I looked a bit younger than I already look for my age. But, once I tied the belt at the back; things changed. Take a look at the 6th picture. Would wear it again for a winter look. With white leggings and an overcoat? How you would wear it? Let me know in the comments below.




Dress: Zaful, Pumps: Chic Factor, Necklace: Chicnova

Here are 5 tips on wearing cotton dresses:

1) At the beach- The perfect place to wear them if you don't plan to go near the water with the dress on! Wear it with those cute platform flip-flops, a loud cotton tote-bag (picture below- an old one), and sunglasses/hat. If your dress is solid colored then you can also tie a colorful scarf around.

2) Party- Yes! Break the rules and live a little. If you feel extremely comfortable in cotton dresses (like me? Please drop me a mail & Hi5) then by all means go ahead and wear them. But be a little dramatic and wear a classic burgundy, brown, and the likes, lip shade. If it's a little cooler outside then it's a perfect way to add a leather jacket on it. If not, let your hair down, do some awesome make-up, carry a nice hot colored clutch and rock it.

3) 80s Fashion- As I said above, I would wear it with white leggings and throw in a ribbon over my head and turn it into a bow. I'd probably want to wear soft curls on my hair. If you're feeling a little more Yale (read Blair- Gossip Girl) then a white lace jacket and some pearls would look really neat.

4) Fusion- You know what would be really innovative? Wearing a crop top or a nice top over your cotton dress. Some nice sneakers and a backpack (optional), you're so owning this look.

5) Prop it- If you have a belt like mine then I already told you two ways to wear it. There's one more way to do it which I've never tried but would love to see if anyone has. If there's any chance to hide those belts by folding and pinning it, do that. Add another belt, maybe a metallic one. You can also leave the belt as is and wear a grey cardigan over it.
If belt is not the issue with your dress then I strongly recommend wearing a great belt and experimenting with its placement- empire, mid or low. I love wearing bandanas and still wear them (sometimes for work).

I hope you enjoyed the post. Check out my previous post if you missed reading my Mumbai rants and another cotton dress I wore. This time it was sequined, printed and maxi!

P.S. Next time, a special post would come. If everything is ready, then watch out for my next post :)

Until next time

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