July 21, 2017

My Birthday Picks: Rosegal

My Birthday month is fast approaching!

I'm so excited for my Birthday this time. August is without a doubt my favorite month of the year. So many colors in sight, good weather, long weekends (15th Aug is Independence day in India :)) and so many weddings/parties to attend to. So picking the perfect outfit is very important for me since this is the period of Sales & fresh arrivals come one week before my birthday. It's now or never, it seems? ;)

This time I'm thinking of a maxi dress or an dress shoulder off. The thing about off-shoulder outfits is, they look great on about anybody if worn right. If you are petite then go ahead and wear one without thinking. Just make sure the rim rests tightly on you. If you are chest heavy then pick one with high off-shoulder neck. This way you can draw your attention towards your neck. I really enjoy getting all dressy and celebrating with friends & family: good food, music and just rocking through the night. This month I suppose, we'd be celebrating with friends a day before, lunch with family on D-Day and then going for a trip with friends somewhere in Udaipur. Let's hope it all turns out for the best. Traveling is truly an addiction which only energizes & repays you well.

Talking about addictions, there's another style, I can't seem to get over with; sequins! It grabbed my attention when Serena wore the sequin dress in the first episode of Gossip Girl. I'm thinking of this top with black leather shorts, do you like it? I'll pair it with my black sequins clutch from my previous post and black lace pumps.

For jewelry, I believe less is REALLY more if your outfit is that flashy or you have an agenda to attract attention to a particular part of body like neck, shoulders, etc. But certain occasions demand you not go empty handed. I like to then wear, a simple bracelet like the one below. It's so simple, elegant and totally boasts my personality. Jewelry is really personal to me and I don't wear it for the sake of it. It should either be particularly required with the outfit or mean something to me ^_^

Another one of my favorite trends is pink flower dresses. Internet is flooded with these cutesies and you just cannot have your favorites ready. I'd wear with with nude accessories.

What is your favorite from Rosegal?
Let me know in the comments below

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  1. Great pis indeed, and happy birthday in advance. Best wishes!

  2. Such a lovely wishlist
    i love the top. Rosegal has so lovely items.

    with love your AMELY ROSE

  3. This is beautiful! I am in love
    gros bisous


  4. Happy birthday in advance! This dress looks amazing by the way :*


  5. Loving these outfit ideas, have a lovely Tuesday :) xx


  6. The jewelry and the pink flower dress are so good.

    Mohuya, couponsji.in

  7. I am an August baby too! Happy Birthday to us both soon :D Love the glitter top! :)

    Raindrops of Sapphire

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  9. Flower dress is so cute! Love this one♥
    Kiss :*

  10. Great post dear ♥ I love your blog !
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  11. I am all about sequins lately. I didn't use to like anything too sparkly, but now i want a few sequin pieces so bad

  12. Happy birthday, darling. Beautiful choices.

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  14. The first top is so cute!

  15. super post
    have a nice day

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  17. amazing outfit, beautiful really trendy! can you share more designs of Islamic Fashion


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